Vintage Caravans

Who doesn't love vintage caravans? There is something quite wonderful about the smallness from the size of the sink to the narrow built-in sofas. It makes you feel like a child again, except now you get to use matches, drink wine and hang your washing up on a fairy clothes line made of string. Roll on summer. Inspired by all this I've designed a little brooch to remind me of the pleasure that is caravanning.

This cute brooch is now available to buy from the Nursey Bang Bang Etsy store here.

Christmas Wren Brooch

Have just finished this Christmas Wren Brooch and I'm loving the soft vintage colours and am looking forward to wearing it on my new cardigan. The brooch is made of plastic which has been hand drawn and coloured with a metal clasp on the reverse for instant pinnage. 
The brooch is now available to buy from my Etsy store here.


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