1993.08.31 Paris, Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy 
Password: dabang319



2003.10.22 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Password: dabang319 
      1. The Beautiful Ones   2. Nothing Compares 2 U   3. Insatiable   4. Sign O' The Times   5. The Question Of U   6. The One - Fallin'  7. Let's Work   8. U Got The Look   9. Hot Pants   10. Life 'O' The Party   11. Soul Man   12. Kiss   13. Take Me With U   14. The Everlasting Now 1. Adore  2. On The Couch   3. Forever In My Life   4. One Kiss At A Time   5. All The Critics Love U In Melbourne   6. Alphabet St.  7. Jam   8. Days Of Wild   9. Audience   10. Purple Rain


I've really been getting in to crochet over the last 6 months and have been making samples and experimenting, not always successfully with some free crochet work too. It's portable and, unlike knitting grows very fast. Here are some of my favourite crochet images from some clever crafters that I've been collecting on pinterest recently
Who would have thought you could crochet wigs! It reminds me of those great swimming hats ladies would wear in the 50's.

A beautiful bedspread and coat hanger covers from the talented Dotty Angel.

Love this crocheted bird accessory. Actually I just love the whole outfit.

These gorgeous cactus plants are perfect for all of us poor souls who do not have green fingers.


This is one of the first pieces that I've made for my new label Gooseberry tart. It's a free crocheted neck warmer from the 'Reef Collection'. See more here.

Christmas Holidays - Part 1

We all had a lovely Christmas day here at the Burrow yesterday where we seated 12 for dinner, hosted a quiz and provided some very tasty trifle. Dr Bird was head chef and Nick did a grand job of carving the beef. 

I'm not sure what role Lily was playing in the preparation of dinner but I'm sure it was delightful and helpful. Cool earrings Lily!

My lovely friend Becky who writes a beautiful blog called Vintage Fairy Tales sent me one of her wonderful photographic prints as a gift. Here's a pic of Becky sporting a very handsome moustache!
My gift arrived in a cleverly decorated envelope with some of the nicest stamps you've ever seen. 
I really didn't want to open it as it looked so good. But I am glad I did as the print is quite wonderful. 

Many thanks Becky. Take a look at more of Becky's work here.

Stig Lindberg at McDonalds

Have just found this image of some gorgeous paper coffee cups from a McDonald's in Sweden which are decorated with Stig Lindberg designs. What a fabulous idea and why don't we do it here? Actually maybe they do! Either way I want to see more.
Check out these vintage porcelain rings some of which are also original Lindberg designs.

Available at Baccus Antik
Upplandsgatan 46
113 28 Stockholm

Prince and The Revolution: The Ex-mas Rehearsal

Prince and The Revolution: The Ex-mas Rehearsal. A great rehearsal that comes to DaBang just in time for Christmas 2011, courtesy of Free Boot Generation.

Unlock my heart

Why do they not make locks like this any more?

Be inspired

Barbed Wire cobweb from Etsy
 This is a brilliant idea from Inch Mark who suggest you write down all the great things that happen to you in the year and read them out on New Year's Eve.
I want this work space.

For some great storage right next to your bed.


The Versace Experience, a Prelude to Gold

 The Versace Experience.

01 Pussy Control (Club Mix Edit)                              
02 Shhh (xcerpt)                                              
03 Get Wild In The House                                      
04 I Hate U (Remix)                                            
05 319 (xcerpt)                                               
06 Shy (xcerpt)                                                 
07 Billy Jack Bitch                                          
08 Sonny T (xcerpt)                                 
09 Rootie Kazootie (Edit)                                      
10 Chatounette Controle                                     
11 Pussy Control (Control Tempo Edit)                        
12 Kamasutra Overture #5                               
13 Free The Music                                        
14 Segue                                            
15 Gold (xcerpt)

Password: dabang319


Uptown Live

1982.03.07 Uptown Live (4DF) 
The complete gig, remastered from the raw recording by the wonderfull 4DF team.
password: dabang319

    Controversy Tour Met Center, Bloomington 7th March 1982
    • Disc 1
    1. The Second Coming   2. Uptown   3. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?   4. When You Were Mine   5. I Wanna Be Your Lover  6. Head   7. Annie Christian   8. Dirty Mind   9. Do Me, Baby   10. Controversy
    • Disc 2
    1. Let's Work   2. Jack U Off   3. Private Joy Controversy Tour - Met Center, Bloomington : 7th March 1982 (Soundboard Recording EX)


Gooseberry Tart - New Etsy Shop

Check out our new Etsy store at Gooseberry Tart.
For more information visit the Gooseberry Tart blog here.
We are officially launching Gooseberry Tart in March 2012 but in the mean time you can have a few sneaky peeks at some of our newest products.

model: Ruby Adams
photography: Nursey Bang Bang

The DaBang Awards 2011

20ELEVEN was an amazing Prince year with excellent shows and incredible releases. An internationally renowned jury put together a shortlist for you to decide whom the winners of this years DaBang Awards will be. Take a moment to leave your vote and don’t hesitate to leave your motivations in the comments. This is all done in good fun so please don't take it to seriously.

Best live show

Best soundboard release

Best audience recording release

Best studio/rehearsal/soundcheck release

Best video release

Best artwork release

Worst release TITLE

Best overall bootleg release

The good old dirty Prince

Now we are used to the clean Prince that appeared after his conversion to the JW; but once upon a time, Prince released raw, dirty songs dealing with all kind of controversial topics: just have a look at past classics such as Sister, Do me, baby, Come, 18 & over... to mention just a few. And as illustration, just have a look at how that dirty old Prince looked like onstage:

Arlinton Craft Market 2011

Over the weekend Miss Cream Tease and I have been running a small stand at the very first craft market to be held at the Arlington Hotel, Bournemouth. The event was organised and lovingly curated by the talented Elanor McBay
We showcased a few of our new samples created for the Gooseberry Tart label that we are launching in March 2012. Here's a gorgeous little capelet made by Miss Cream Tease.

Miss Cream Tease shows us she is THE crochet queen.

We met some fabulous people and made some new friends too.
Check out their work here.


2011.12.08 - MTS Center Winnipeg 
As shared on Andy Allo's Facebook. 


Replica Dance Company - Resolution.

Nursey Bang Bang recommends you go buy your tickets for this unique performance by the talented dancers, Tom and Hannily, of Replica.

"4:14" is a  story of travel and love set in 1930s New York.
"We are very excited to be performing our latest work, "4:14" as part of Resolution! at The Place. We hope that you will be able to come along and be a part of the evening. 

The performance takes place on Wednesday 11th January 2012 at 8pm at Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, 17 Dukes Road, London. WC1H 9PY

Tickets are £14.00/£11.00 (concessions)/ £10.00 each for groups (10 in a group)
To book tickets: TEL: 0207 121 1100 or VISIT:

Who said the sampler set is boring?

The sampler set in Prince shows appeared some years ago, and there was some controversy among fans: some said it was boring, and others had great fun.

But some sampler sets are rather special, and this one belongs to this category: it was done during the Toronto show, on November 25th 2011, and besides the usual songs, it included the first public "performance" of Shockadelica.

The quality of the video is not great, but it contains the whole set and, given its rarity, we thought that readers of DaBang219 would enjoy it.

The track list, as posted in PrinceVault, is as follows:
When Doves Cry
Nasty Girl (instrumental)
Sign O' The Times
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Hot Thing w/ band backing
I Would Die 4 U
Housequake (horn riff)
Toronto improv. jam
Darling Nikki (instrumental)
Mr. Goodnight (instrumental)
Shockadelica (instrumental)
If I Was Your Girlfriend

Dance 4 Me Revamped Purple Mix premiered on BBC today

2011.12.03 Dance 4 Me (Jamie Lewis Revamped Purple Mix) debuted on BBC radio 1 today.