I've really been getting in to crochet over the last 6 months and have been making samples and experimenting, not always successfully with some free crochet work too. It's portable and, unlike knitting grows very fast. Here are some of my favourite crochet images from some clever crafters that I've been collecting on pinterest recently
Who would have thought you could crochet wigs! It reminds me of those great swimming hats ladies would wear in the 50's.

A beautiful bedspread and coat hanger covers from the talented Dotty Angel.

Love this crocheted bird accessory. Actually I just love the whole outfit.

These gorgeous cactus plants are perfect for all of us poor souls who do not have green fingers.


This is one of the first pieces that I've made for my new label Gooseberry tart. It's a free crocheted neck warmer from the 'Reef Collection'. See more here.