Christmas Holidays - Part 1

We all had a lovely Christmas day here at the Burrow yesterday where we seated 12 for dinner, hosted a quiz and provided some very tasty trifle. Dr Bird was head chef and Nick did a grand job of carving the beef. 

I'm not sure what role Lily was playing in the preparation of dinner but I'm sure it was delightful and helpful. Cool earrings Lily!

My lovely friend Becky who writes a beautiful blog called Vintage Fairy Tales sent me one of her wonderful photographic prints as a gift. Here's a pic of Becky sporting a very handsome moustache!
My gift arrived in a cleverly decorated envelope with some of the nicest stamps you've ever seen. 
I really didn't want to open it as it looked so good. But I am glad I did as the print is quite wonderful. 

Many thanks Becky. Take a look at more of Becky's work here.