San José State University 2000

2000.12.08 -  Event Center (San José State University), San José, California, USA
Sourced from a new and more complete recording by Gbase, tracked by H and enhanced by Confusion for DaBang.

01 - DAT Intro  02 - Uptown   03 - Controversy   04 - Mutiny   05 - Cream   06 - Little Red Corvette   07 - I Wanna Be Your Lover   08 - Sexy Dancer   09 - Housequake   10 - The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker - Four   11 - [interlude]   12 - I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man   13 - [Kip]   14 - Do Me, Baby   15 - Scandalous   16 - Diamonds And Pearls   17 - The Beautiful Ones   18 - Nothing Compares 2 U   19 - Falling Down (Closing Theme)   20 - Let's Go Crazy   21 - Take Me With U   22 - Raspberry Beret   23 - Darkling Nikki   24 - When Doves Cry   25 - Father's Song - Computer Blue [instrumental]   26 - The One [instrumental] - I Would Die 4 U - Baby I'm A Star   27 - God [instrumental]   28 - Purple Rain   29 - Come On - Freaks On This Side   30 - Kiss   31 - Gett Off

Password: dabang319


RIP Clare Fischer

The DaBang team are sad to learn of the death of Clare Fischer yesterday, a truly great musician whose orchestral work featured heavily in some of Prince's best songs.

His contributions to many purple classics were priceless, and his longtime collaboration with Prince has been deeply appreciated by fans. Besides working with Prince, he also worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Robert Palmer and Michael Jackson.

A fully accomplished musician with a long series of albums released by himself since the early 60s to the present day, Fischer will be remembered fondly by Prince fans for his exquisite string arrangements, and creativity.

RIP Clare Fischer.

STIJN at Ancienne Belgique, 22 January 2012

2012.01.22 -  STIJN at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. After the fDeluxe show, local artist STIJN stepped up and gave the purple party people a little taste of his roots. By popular demand, DaBang is proud to present this soundboard recording.  Password: dabang

01.PEOPLE WITHOUT                                              
02.NEW POSITION                                                
04.HOT THING                                                   
05.FEEL U UP                                                   
06.PURPLE MUSIC                                                 
07.ALL THE CRITICS LOVE YOU IN NY                             
09.SOMETHING IN THE WATER                                       
12.COME ON                                                  
13.4EVER IN MY LIFE_IT                                         


Nursey has moved

We are moving! I know it's shocking but there is nothing more constant than change. Click here to visit our new blog.There's  a new follow button there so you can make sure you keep in touch with Nursey. 
We are just a click away. 
love x

fDeluxe at Ancienne Belgique, 22 January 2012

22.01.2012 fDeluxe at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. fDeluxe ended their Europe tour in Brussels. We hope they will be back real soon! DaBang is pleased to offer you this EX+ recording  Password: dabang319.

Many thanks to ♥ or $ and all their helpers.


fDeluxe at Paradiso, 20 January 2012

20.01.2012 fDeluxe at Paradiso, Amsterdam. The fine guys of fDeluxe played one of their shows in Europe yesterday, and DaBang is pleased to offer you this recording one day later. Password: dabang319.
Many thanks to the people involved in this release.


Colour Palette Generator

Just discovered Degrave which is a site that generates a palette of colours from your own images. Simply pop in the URL and press go! Next time you're using Adobe and need to know what the code is for a colour simply palett-ify it!

MegaUpload closed down...

Which means that most (if not all) links on this blog are now dead.....
However don't worry folks - DaBang is looking into other ways of keeping you supplied with the funk!

EDIT: If any of you Funkateers didn't get chance to download some of the recent releases on DaBang before MegaUpload got busted, fear not!  Our intrepid team is in the process of replacing the links with shiny new ones!  Like we said - we're here to keep you full o' FREE* Funk!

*Ain't nobody here gonna be ripping U off by charging U loads of $ to burn a disc! 
DB = 'By da fans, 4 da fans!'


Favedda - felted animals

I love this little felted rabbit from fadevva.

In fact this site offers a range of stuffed loveliness. I want them all.

The Pyrex Collective

If you love Pyrex like me then I suggest you pop along to The Pyrex Collective who are potty about Pyrex. Check out their shots of this vintage cookware both stacked and in action. I'm going to be looking out for this stuff on my next visit to a junk shop.

They also have a Pyrex Collective blog II which you can visit here.

fDeluxe perform on French Radio

2012.01.17 fDeluxe perform "Drummers and Healers" and "Nothing Compares 2 U" on french national radio France Inter.   

Don't forget to check them out in concert in Europe.

18th january: Le Réservoir Paris (F)
19th january: Jazz Cafe London (GB)
20th january: Paradiso Amsterdam (NL)
22nd january: Ancienne Belgique (B)

Rock and Roll Wedding Invitation

Nursey Bang Bang's design for a Rock'n'Roll wedding invitation. 

Macaroon Coin Purse - from Craft passion

Love this tutorial for making these macaroon shaped purses from Craft Passion. Such a clever idea and looks quite straight forward. Going to have a go at making one of these I think. 

For the full tutorial click here.

The Palace of Auburn Hills (updated)


2004.07.31  The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit
36min of Cool Soundboard, right here.
password: dabang319

01. Musicology  02. Shhh  03. D.M.S.R.
      04. 17 Days*  05. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)*
06. Prince & The Band*  07. Purple Rain

*Acoustic Set

Sourced from the video below.

EDIT: Well it looks like the video editing whiz responsible for the excellent 'North Sea Nights' release (amongst others) has worked his magic on the below YouTube video. We're happy to be able to offer you his specially edited and compiled MP4 below...

EDIT2: Our Videowhiz did it again, now he combined both videoclips (DMSR) and the enhanced audio posted above. The result is 36m46 of watching pleasure.

Click below for new MP4 Link


Musicology Live

Directed by Jeff Richter.
The Palace of Auburn Hills, July 31st 2004.

Wedding Invitation Collection

Have just started creating some wedding invitations which has put me in a happy mood. I based this sample on the cameos I made recently. I think it would be great to personalise these with drawings of the actual bride and groom. I have used a combination of formal type and hand lettering which gives the final look a lovely handmade feel. 
I love the way many modern couples are giving an instant atmosphere to their upcoming event with their stationery and, sometimes, matching websites and blogs! 

Here's the drawing for the bride and groom cameo.
For more information or to talk to Nursey about a commission please contact

Wrap it up at Gooseberry Tart

A new wrap from our sister site Gooseberry Tart. It's very tasty.

Husney's: A Work In Progress

1977.00.00 - Husney's: A Work In Progress (Cosmic Records)
Great upgrade of the wellknown early instrumentals.
password: dabang319

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New 4DF: Parade Demos!

Parade Demos (4DF) 
Needless to say more, a tremendous release!
Impossible to be disappointed with THIS quality!

Password: dabang319

Remember where you found this first and please don't degrade to lossy.

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Never before shared in this quality.
These demos have been sourced from a Lo-Gen tape and NOT from any existing bootleg.


Hi-Res Bonus Parade Illustration - Download link below: