New LOOK Nursey

Here at the burrow we thought it was about time NBB had a major make over. I'm sort of virtual spring-cleaning but just a few months earlier than everyone else. I have to say I'm loving it and can't wait to show you some of my very new products that are currently being created as we speak (or they will be just as soon as I stop typing).
a virtual hoover!

December is almost here and I can honestly say I'm beginning to feel quite Christmassy and have already been checking out the local pub for signs of their annual Christmas tree sellers.

The Nursey-mobile (my Fiat 500) is also due a shampoo which I'll be attempting to do next week.  I might add I will not be festooning the aerial with tinsel or any other type of tie-on Christmas appendage as it's a serious car and does not like to be messed with!
I'm sure there will be quite a few more changes this week but I can assure all my regulars that everything will be in place by Monday as I think, by then, I might be a bit blogged out!
Thank you for your continuing support and visits.

Love Nursey xx